Standard Floor Plans

Design Presentation serves realtors, energy assessors, photographers and surveyors, converting their hand drawn sketches/floor plans into a format of your choice (PDF, JPG, WMF, DWG, etc.). We deliver 99% of floor plans within 24 hours.

The key benefits of our standard floor plan conversion services are as follows:

• The finished floor plan conform to industry codes
• The gross internal and external area measurements are shown on the floor plans
• The room dimensions, fixtures and fittings can be shown according to your guidelines.
• The final floor plan could be used for marketing, presentations and layout purposes.
• They are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.
• We help our clients reduce costs by more than 50%.

We provide standard floor plans both in color and black & white formats (with or without measurements).

Send us your hand sketches via email and we will convert them to professional floor plans as quickly as required.